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Our Owner/Lead DJ/Emcee, Ty "DJ Ty" Brown, has over 32 years of experience mixing great selections of music in several midwest cities and states including Kansas City, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri.

Ty started DJ's By Design in 1988 in Lawrence, KS, while attending Kansas University, and has grown the business to service over 800 weddings and other types of events. He continues to put the customer FIRST in ALL of his events, as well as to make sure that your musical experience will be top notch.

Interaction is key to having a successful event and his love of setup, FX lighting and quality sound makes the event run smoothly. DJ Ty Brown is understanding, easy to work with, able to give sound advice if needed for your event, always on time and lastly has a great time musically.

Ty LOVES to keep busy! He serves as the President of his HOA in his homes association, a Olathe chamber member, gives his musical talent for FREE to non-profit organizations, and also serves as a board member for one of the top national non-profit organizations, The Band of Angels, sponsored by Fox 4 News in Kansas City.

Owner Ty Brown

DJ's - Also By Design!

DJ Ty has 3 other exceptional DJs to work with as well!

Shawn Moran

Shawn Moran

Shawn has been with DJ's By Design for 10 years. He was also the resident DJ for Orlando’s Nightclub and has serviced many weddings, school events and private events over the year. 

Sterling Williams

Sterling Williams

Sterling has been with DJ's By Design for 7 years. he and Ty are High School classmates going back more than 30 years. Sterling is also an engineer with Entercom Radio and has been with them for 25 years. 

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